About Packnmove

PacknMove Leading UK Supplier Of Cardboard Boxes And Packing Materials

The parent company of PacknMove, Packexe Ltd, based in Exeter, Devon is the leading manufacturer and supplier of plastic films, cardboard storage boxes and packaging materials, with its internationally recognised brand, Packexe Handywrap. Building on the Company’s business-to-business success PacknMove was formed in response to customer demand, offering its products to home movers on a retail basis. 

Initially retailing packing materials from our factory and warehouses based in Exeter, PacknMove.co.uk was launched during the dot com era and has been one of its success stories. The extraordinary response to the ecommerce initiative was due to our unparalleled product range of high quality corrugated storage boxes and high level of customer service, along with the fact that many people now actively choose the money-saving DIY option in home removals.

Packexe Ltd

Closer to home, the Company is also committed to continuous improvement and staff development and is currently working towards gaining its Investors in People certification.