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Maxi Packing Kit Maxi Packing Kit maxikit Have a houseful to move? This pack is the one you want. Double walled cardboard boxes, all purpose d.. £109.02
Ex Tax: £90.85
Single walled brown box (Item 20BOX01) Single walled brown box (Item 20BOX01) 20BOX01 Single walled brown Cardboard Boxes ideal for small items when moving house, or shipping goods. T.. £0.70
Ex Tax: £0.58
Tall Box Tall Box tallbox The perfect box that fits where all others have failed! Reusable thanks to superior strength and dur.. £10.62
Ex Tax: £8.85
Wardrobe Multipack Wardrobe Multipack wardrobemulti Lots of clothes? 5 quality, double walled wardrobe boxes, flat packed and delivered in two boxes..
Ex Tax: £45.54
Wrapping Paper Wrapping Paper wrappingpaper All-pupose protection. Similar to newspaper but without the print, so both you and your belongings s.. £2.95
Ex Tax: £2.46
Book Multipack Book Multipack bookmultipack Have a small library to move? 5 quality, double walled book cardboard boxes, flat packed and del.. £16.73
Ex Tax: £13.94
Bubble Wrap Small Bubbles Bubble Wrap Small Bubbles smallbubblewrap Small bubbles for wrapping fragile items & preventing breakage. Ideal as cushioning on any easil.. £19.95
Ex Tax: £16.63
Clothing Box Clothing Box clothingbox Reusable large cardboard storage box.Double walled for strength, this high quality box will protect .. £6.32
Ex Tax: £5.27
Fragile Tape Fragile Tape fragiletape Heavy duty, write-on, packing tape, with the added bonus that it alerts people that the items inside.. £1.50
Ex Tax: £1.25
Living Room Pack Living Room Pack livingroompack Make sure your heavy furniture is well protected with this selection of covers and protectors. 3.. £19.12
Ex Tax: £15.93
Plastic Furniture Blanket Plastic Furniture Blanket plasticfurnitureblanket Heavy duty bubblewrap covered on both sides with hard wearing plastic. Purpose made to protect furni.. £4.99
Ex Tax: £4.16
Single walled brown box (Item 20BRA01) Single walled brown box (Item 20BRA01) 20BRA01 Single walled brown Cardboard Boxes ideal for small items when moving house, or shipping goods. T.. £0.31
Ex Tax: £0.26
Bubble Wrap Large Bubbles Bubble Wrap Large Bubbles largebubblewrap Large bubbles for protection of heavier items such as furniture. Good for filling voids in boxes, re.. £18.95
Ex Tax: £15.79
CD And DVD Multipack CD And DVD Multipack dvdmultipack Serious about your music?  5 quality, double walled storage boxes, flat packed and delivere.. £18.60
Ex Tax: £15.50
Fabric Moving Blanket Fabric Moving Blanket fabricblanket Traditional removals moving blanket that has been used by removal companies for years. Tough, washab.. £7.95
Ex Tax: £6.63
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