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Archive Multipack Archive Multipack archmulti Have an office full of files and documents?  5 quality, double walled archive boxes with li.. £21.19
Ex Tax: £17.66
Bubble Wrap Small Bubbles Bubble Wrap Small Bubbles smallbubblewrap Small bubbles for wrapping fragile items & preventing breakage. Ideal as cushioning on any easil.. £19.95
Ex Tax: £16.63
Single Bedroom Pack Single Bedroom Pack singlebedpack Protect the mattress and pack up your wardrobe and chest-of-drawers too! Cardboard boxes supplied wi.. £19.92
Ex Tax: £16.60
Kitchen Pack Kitchen Pack kitchenpack Protect your crockery & glassware, pots and pans and small appliances with these purpose built, .. £19.92
Ex Tax: £16.60
Living Room Pack Living Room Pack livingroompack Make sure your heavy furniture is well protected with this selection of covers and protectors. 3.. £19.12
Ex Tax: £15.93
Bubble Wrap Large Bubbles Bubble Wrap Large Bubbles largebubblewrap Large bubbles for protection of heavier items such as furniture. Good for filling voids in boxes, re.. £18.95
Ex Tax: £15.79
CD And DVD Multipack CD And DVD Multipack dvdmultipack Serious about your music?  5 quality, double walled storage boxes, flat packed and delivere.. £18.60
Ex Tax: £15.50
Small Multipack Small Multipack smallmultipack 10 small, double walled cardboard boxes, flat packed and delivered in one box.Ideal for small heavy .. £16.90
Ex Tax: £14.08
Book Multipack Book Multipack bookmultipack Have a small library to move? 5 quality, double walled book cardboard boxes, flat packed and del.. £16.73
Ex Tax: £13.94
Wardrobe Box Wardrobe Box wardrobebox The biggest wardrobe box on the market!Typically holding 30-40 garments and supplied with a hanging .. £12.80
Ex Tax: £10.67
Garage And Shed Pack Garage And Shed Pack garageshedpack Clear out the shed before you move! Then wrap and pack those tricky items with ease. Handywrap +.. £11.02
Ex Tax: £9.18
Tall Box Tall Box tallbox The perfect box that fits where all others have failed! Reusable thanks to superior strength and dur.. £10.62
Ex Tax: £8.85
Tape Selection Multipack Tape Selection Multipack tapemulti Make unpacking a doddle with our handy pack of heavy duty, write-on, packing tape, labelled by room .. £9.98
Ex Tax: £8.32
Glass and Mug Box Glass and Mug Box glassmugbox A strong, double walled cardboard box that holds up to 16 tall glasses or 32 mugs.Interlocking divid.. £8.81
Ex Tax: £7.34
Handywrap Refills - 3 Pack Handywrap Refills - 3 Pack handywraprefill For use with our reuseable Handywrap dispenser when the original roll runs out. 3 pack of handywrap .. £7.99
Ex Tax: £6.66
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