Secure Shopping

PacknMove Security Information

For your and our added security and payment protection, we use an internationally recognised, third-party secure on-line payment provider. As soon as you enter the payment process, every bit of information that is transferred between you and us is encrypted using SSL encryption. Even if data could be intercepted over the Internet it would be useless.

When you enter the secure payment area of our site, on your browser you will notice a picture of a small padlock - this normally appears at the bottom of the screen. To double check this, you can right click on the page and select properties or view frame info from the list which will tell you whether you are secure or not.

All credit card details are encrypted using a 40bit - 128bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Software. When you establish a secure connection, the downloaded web site sends a digital certificate to your web browser. When the certificate arrives, it contains a public key, which functions as a one-way encryption device. The browser then uses this key to scramble your personal data (Credit Card Information) before sending it over the Internet.

Information encrypted with the public key cannot be decrypted without the corresponding private key, which only the merchant has. Without this exclusive, private key, your personal information cannot be read.

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